Selected Tools and Techniques

Our Strategic Business Consulting team uses state-of-the-art proven tools and techniques to help you reach your strategic objectives.

  • Strategy Pyramid

    Strategy Pyramid

  • Balanced Scorecard

    Balanced Scorecard

  • Strategy Map

    Strategy Map

Did You Know?

KPIGuard is an easy to use, time and cost efficient software solution to implement effective continuous improvement processes in any organization. Be it a department, business unit or entire enterprise, you could be up and running in just a few hours.

Audit Experts

Why conduct an initial Assessment?

  • Get full insight into a current situation or state after diagnosis
  • Obtain the recommendations of Subject Matter Experts (SME's)

Audit, Assessment Checklist

Objectives of an Assessment

The objectives of an assessment can be Business-driven, IT-driven, or both. They might include:

  • Enhancing the quality of an existing process to optimize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhancing the quality of a delivered solution, resulting in increased user and client satisfaction, higher team morale, and work consistently delivered on schedule and on budget
  • Finding defects early in a development process or business flow cycle, making them cheaper and easier to correct
  • Conveying key information that will help project teams improve a business solution
  • Minimizing project risks and avoiding unnecessary potential costs
  • Opening the door to new opportunities or cooperation between systems

Objectives might also include:

  • Examining material for conformance to standards and industry best practices
  • Helping identify technical weaknesses
  • Ensuring completeness of a solution
  • Providing a control tool to assess the progress of a project by knowing which components and activities meet requirements
  • Avoiding unnecessary efforts as well as potential trials and errors
  • Opening lines of communication with other groups and management

Some common symptoms of trouble

  • Unmet deadlines, cost overruns and generalized frustration
  • Unclear picture—progress, responsibility, scope, requirements, documentation
  • Endless data model changes
  • People finding excuses not to attend meetings
  • Team focus is on ‘cool tools’ rather than solving real business problems


Recommendation lines may cover any or all of the following areas:

  • Overall technical direction and strategy
  • User requirements and satisfaction
  • Business processes
  • Service delivery performance
  • Project environment
  • Data architecture
  • Metadata and governance
  • Technical environment
  • Methodology and Standards
  • Information exchange and communication

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