High Quality and Low Risk

Our solutions are implemented using an incremental and iterative approach that quickly shows end results. This early and frequent delivery model helps reduce scope creep, unexpected costs, or unacceptable quality levels of the finished solution. It also rapidly shows value and aligns IT with the Business, improving the chances of acceptance by orders of magnitude.


The fact that our products are fully integrated also reduces quality and technology risks resulting from integration and interoperability of multiple separate components. The elimination of many design and development steps reduces project risks resulting from increased work complexity and often inadequate staff skill sets.

Need Enterprise Dashboards?

We provide open, integrated and ready to use solutions customized to your specific needs in just hours. Every personalized management dashboard is made available in minutes. IT/BI development efforts are never required: Save your time and your money.

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BrightQuadrant offers end-to-end consulting services

BrightQuadrant's complete, integrated approach to performance management consulting provides customers with solutions that reduce costs and maximize profits, improve services, optimize business performance processes, and respond quickly to emerging market trends.

BrightQuadrant has the resources, the experience, and the understanding of your industry to meet your business needs and support your plans for growth and profitability. Our consulting services are aligned with our methodology as illustrated below.


Project Initiation and Planning which consists of reaching a common understanding of business and technology objectives, scope, resource requirements, cost and project time frames.

Strategy Definition

Business Consulting which can include such activities as assistance in defining strategic, tactical and operational objectives, creating balanced scorecards and strategy maps, and identifying and formulating key performance indicators (KPIs). This type of consulting is general and independent of any particular product.

Strategy Implementation

Product Consulting which consists of installing and configuring products in accordance with results obtained from the previous activity.

Front-end Visualization Consulting which consists of refining/adapting to any specific requirements customers might have for viewing dashboards and/or reports. Investments customers might have already made in acquiring OLAP products, including Microsoft® Power BI® and Excel®, SAP® BusinessObjects®, Oracle® BI Publisher®, MicroStrategy®, Tableau® and IBM® Cognos® are leveraged and preserved.


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