RapidKPI™ Methodology Overview

RapidKPI is our agile Enterprise Performance Management solution implementation methodology.

Strategy Experts

Planning phase

During the Planning phase, we conduct an overall Performance Management requirements analysis and an overall project plan is drawn based on your business priorities.

Strategy Definition

Strategy Definition phase

In the Strategy Definition phase, we apply standards and best practices to facilitate overall business strategy definition and help identify relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) needed to align different business perspectives with corporate strategies.

Strategy implementation experts

Strategy Implementation phase

Our Strategy Implementation phase can be divided into two sub-phases:

  • Performance Information Integration phase

    During the Performance Information Integration phase, we leverage our innovative products to collect, correlate and integrate performance data in real-time from structured and unstructured sources. This procedure differentiates BrightQuadrant from all other Business Intelligence (BI) vendors and solution providers. Our KPIGuard product stands alone as a revolutionary, open and programming-free solution in the BI performance management market space, available for all businesses. KPIGuard brings:

    • A fully integrated and open architecture offering all performance management functionality
    • Real-time feeds support that can be deployed easily and quickly across the whole enterprise
    • Up to 70% higher ROI and lower cost of ownership than all traditional BI solutions
  • Performance Information Visualization phase

    Information Visualization is highly flexible when using our products. You can leverage any existing visualization tool you might already have, including Microsoft Power BI and Excel, SAP Lumira, Oracle BI Publisher, MicroStrategy, Tableau, R and IBM Cognos. Optionally, BrightQuadrant can assist you in implementing an OLAP reporting tool of your choice.

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