Enterprise IoT: Indoor Tracking and Monitoring

From company staff to emergency personnel and from medical to maintenance and housekeeping equipment, our Sensorter™ enterprise IoT system provides the solution to track and monitor your mobile assets in 'closed' environments.

'Closed' environments are indoor spaces where satellite-based GPS signals are absent or insufficient to provide the required functionality. Examples include underground and large multistory facilities such as warehouses, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, big department stores, malls and airports.

Sensorter™ is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It uses advanced continuous machine learning techniques to perpetually fine tune its knowledge about the three-dimensional (3D) space it is being used in. When humans are being tracked and monitored, a special Sensorter™ smartphone application is deployed. And individual users can decide when tracking and monitoring can occur.

Sensorter IoT Indoor Tracking and Monitoring

Business Benefits

The benefits of using Sensorter™ include:

  • Operational efficiency by optimizing deployment and capacity of human and machine resources to achieve best work results.
  • Risk mitigation/prevention by identifying and predicting situations with higher risk exposure and adjusting accordingly. One common example is the setup of indoor geofencing for risk management and safety control.
  • Incident detection and agile recovery by immediately detecting unexpected events and restoring normal operations.

Additionally, Sensorter™ can be instantly coupled with our KPIGuard™ software to further tie its information to company strategy, standards and policies thus generating dashboards, alerts and automated actions.


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