ServiTrust™: Service Level Management Software

ServiTrust Service Level Management (SLM) software

ServiTrust is a Service Level Management (SLM) system for all types of internal or external, formally or informally governed business services.

ServiTrust provides the ability to define Service Level Agreements (SLA) across all business functions, formulate expected service compliance levels, monitor and visualize historical and real-time execution performance, set business alerts, and optionally define automated actions to prevent or correct situations where service commitments are not met by providers.

ServiTrust™ Benefits and Business Value

  • Establish baseline service requirements, quantify contract deliverables, validate ongoing performance and compliance of end-to-end service levels, and refine through iterative processes
  • Establish correlations between technical measurements and business service parameters. This includes determining how, within each business domain, these measurements map, interpret, compose or mimic the performance received by the service consumer
  • Use scorecards and reports to validate service quality – including violation incidents, capacity concerns, changes in usage patterns, delivered performance and perceived performance. Use this information to compare and rank providers
  • Verify penalty provisions for failure to maintain and deliver service levels. Create the opportunity to be compensated by external providers who fail to meet the requirements set forth in their contracts
  • Evaluate the business risk and/or impact of degraded service performance and establish preventive and/or corrective actions. Simulate impact by conducting what-if scenarios
  • In the case of IT services, enhance and accelerate adoption/implementation of ITIL® based processes, and improve IT Governance. Use SLA's to manage your in-sourcing and/or outsourcing partnerships more efficiently
  • Leverage any investments you might have already made in instrumentation and enterprise management software to further provide end-to-end view and automation
  • Make thoroughly-informed decisions and take better control of your business

ServiTrust™ Platform Support

ServiTrust is supported under Windows, Linux and UNIX on full 64-bit architectures. ServiTrust is multilingual, web-based and uses a central administration and zero client deployment model.

ServiTrust™ Licensing

ServiTrust is licensed on a yearly basis and does not require big capital expenditures. Monthly fees essentially depend on the quantity of SLA's and measures made. Contact us for an estimate.



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