Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Powered Solutions

Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our solutions embed artificial intelligence (AI/ML) capabilities to address specific use cases. Implemented as machine learning algorithms tailored to specific problem spaces, these highly specialized purpose-built software components can augment detection, recognition, prediction and adaptive automation capabilities across the entire data-to-decision chain.

Detection, Recognition, Prediction and Adaptive Automation

  • Upstream—During data acquisition, we can provide AI system components to retrieve data based on advanced detection and recognition. A typical example here is computer vision where video images are analyzed in real time and data is retrieved based on the recognition of predefined patterns. Moreover, our software also incorporates out-of-the-box connectivity to any external AI model inference services customers might have already deployed, on-premise or in the Cloud.
  • Midstream—During data transformation and processing, mathematical and statistical models are readily available for use as a form of online learning. They can be applied in real time to incoming data series with the purpose of deriving high value information critical for further analysis and/or visualization.
  • Downstream—Our solutions can provide the means to automatically vectorize integrated data for advanced modeling techniques such as deep artificial neural networks. Collected information can therefore be easily analyzed using statistical models and machine learning libraries to detect patterns, discover trends and make predictions.

These strategically deployed advanced capabilities can help your business simplify work, increase efficiency and gain competitive advantages.

Consider for instance a case where you need to be immediately and automatically notified whenever an anomaly or event can have an impact on your business success. You also require the means to quickly pinpoint the root cause of such an anomaly or event so you can establish automated preventative measures, take corrective actions or make predictive plans.

Anomalies and events can vary widely depending on your business industry, business perspective and success criteria. They could represent such cases as:

  • Execution under-performance
  • Deviations from goals and objectives
  • Failure to meet obligations
  • Violation of rules, policies or standards
  • Excessive risk
  • Cost overruns
  • Unacceptable variations
  • Unsatisfactory quality
  • Abuse
  • Waste
  • Fraud
  • Security breaches

Advanced detection of anomalies and critical events represents a challenge as it usually cannot be realized using transaction processing systems, i.e. at the pure operational level. These exception detection and notification capabilities typically require business analytics systems.

Example Enterprise IoT Sensor Scatterplot Matrix

Example scatter plots from a Metriot™ Enterprise IoT solution implementation

One single automated system that can sit on top of all enterprise applications, data repositories and data-generating assets to deliver customizable and integrated high-level management alerts becomes a critical requirement for every successful executive. It can enable analysis and insight into what might have been opaque areas of the business, and can significantly simplify everyday life for senior managers by helping them focus on what's important.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We provide standalone, self-contained and fully integrated software to address specific AI-NLP problems such as the semantic search, matching and ranking of non-structured documents. Our software seamlessly embeds the ingestion of multiple document formats, the execution of various learning algorithms and a specialized vector database. It is optimized for either Intel CPU or Nvidia GPU hardware platforms with on-premise or cloud-based deployment.

Next Step

BrightQuadrant can help you quickly and efficiently setup an integrated ready-to-use business analytics system with optional artificial intelligence capabilities to address your specific requirements. In the vast majority of cases, no development projects are required. Just setup and get real-world value straight out of the box!

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