Service Level Management (SLM)

Modern organizations have insourced and/or outsourced their functions, often without the ability to measure the degree of compliance of services they receive, whether as formal contract obligations or informal service level expectations.

Service Agreement

On the IT front for example, companies who adopted ITIL® have typically limited their service level measurement to the reporting capabilities of their Help Desk application whose content is relatively narrow in scope, influenced by human intervention, and based on the provider's perspective. Real-time direct measurement and instrumentation tools are specialized software that are only available to IT technical-savvy personnel.

But what if an integrated solution that transcends all company systems, repositories and assets to produce accurate, direct and real-time service level monitoring and reporting of all IT and non-IT services received is easily available to the business?

Executives can inventory and track service level agreements (SLA's), review, negotiate or agree on service level expectations, aggregate or correlate services, visualize performance of all services at different levels in a single dashboard, set alerts or even define actions to be automatically performed when service levels fall below expectations. And this would apply to all IT and non-IT, internal and external, contractually and informally governed services.

BrightQuadrant can help you quickly and efficiently implement an organization-wide service level management solution. Take a look at our ServiTrust product and contact us now for a 45-minutes web demo. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!


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