Enterprise IoT: Intelligent Transportation

The Metriot™ enterprise IoT system provides the hardware and software required to instantly transform your corporate mobile assets into an intelligent fleet system. In addition to geographically tracking all sorts of company vehicles, you can monitor standard and custom sensors deployed within the vehicle as well as environmental conditions surrounding the current location of the vehicle.

The Metriot™ solution provides for the following capabilities:

  • Geographical tracking and fencing;
  • Operational efficiency and productivity analysis;
  • Driver behavior analysis and risk alerts;
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics;
  • Environmental impact analysis;
  • Predictive and proactive maintenance; and
  • Intelligent incident prevention

— where incident in this context refers to any internal or external, controlled or uncontrolled event that can have direct or indirect impact on the efficiency, effectiveness, reputation or security of the business operation execution processes. Example incidents include mechanical failures, collisions, inappropriate driver behavior, wrong route, excessive load, inadequate chemical quantities, loads damaged by temperature, humidity or vibration, leaks, unexpected traffic or weather conditions, theft, vandalism, crime and terrorism.

Metriot IoT Intelligent Transport and Advanced Fleet Management

Business Benefits

Some resulting immediate benefits include:

  • Cost optimizations resulting from optimal planning of resources and itineraries based on insightful information.
  • Quality service and clear visibility into business operations through real-time reporting to clients, managers and support groups.
  • Effective operation and reputation risk management through real-time intervention and predictive incident prevention.
  • Full circle analysis based on instant integration of fleet data with other enterprise data.
  • Improved protection of the environment where business is being conducted.

From cars to light and heavy trucks, if your organization operates any kind of fleet, it is imperative that you start taking advantage of the benefits provided by Metriot™ - especially that in most cases, hardware installation is a simple plug and play. Putting IoT, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to work effectively on your side gives your organization a sustainable leading edge and quickly propels it ahead of the competition.


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