DataXBot - Automated Self-Service Business Analytics


DataXBot is an automated data selection, collection, transformation, integration and multidimensional vectorization engine. DataXBot democratizes information visualization dashboards, business analytics and AI/ML capabilities, enabling line-of-business analysts to easily self-define and self-configure their own data pipelines, under a non-intrusive, secure, and well governed operating model.

The unified data collection and transformation process embodied into DataXBot is automated and provides for near real-time refresh rates, enabling data-to-decision delay cycles in the order of seconds. Learn More...

KPIGuard KPI Management software


KPIGuard is a fully integrated end-to-end metrics and indicators management system. KPIGuard provides for integrating metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across the whole organization, setting objectives, monitoring and visualizing performance, setting business alerts, and optionally defining automated actions to prevent or correct inadequate performance.

KPIGuard enables the creation of enterprise-level performance dashboards and scorecards in hours or even minutes, and at 70% less total cost than any traditional BI solution. Learn More...

Metriot industrial IoT software


Metriot is an enterprise IoT system that consists of software and optional hardware devices designed for specific industries.

Metriot captures, aggregates and records data in real-time from devices with sensory capabilities. It can also integrate both sensing and actuation systems for end-to-end intelligent automation.

From Industry 4.0 smart factories to Intelligent Transportation systems, Metriot provides an easy, rapid, scalable and secure digital transformation. Learn More...

Sensorter - Indoor Tracking and Monitoring


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Sensorter is an IoT software system for the tracking and monitoring of mobile enterprise assets in indoor environments.

Sensorter is capable of locating and tracking company staff and/or equipment for various purposes including operational efficiency, risk mitigation or prevention, and incident detection and recovery. Learn More...

ServiTrust Service Level Management (SLM) software


ServiTrust is a Service Level Management (SLM) system for all types of internal or external, formally or informally governed business services.

ServiTrust provides for defining Service Level Agreements (SLA) across all business functions, setting expected service compliance levels, monitoring and visualizing historical and real-time execution performance, setting business alerts, and optionally defining automated actions to prevent or correct unmet provider commitments. Learn More...

Our products are multilingual, web-based, and use open architecture, centralized client administration and zero client deployment models with both on-premise and cloud-based configuration support. They are available in SMB, Standard Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise editions.

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