Enterprise IoT Analytics and Adaptive Intelligent Automation

Enterprise IoT Application Domains

Our Metriot™ system is designed for the enterprise and can be used by corporations and governments alike. By combining specialized software and hardware, Metriot™ provides easy, secure and scalable means to:

  • Capture, aggregate and record all sensor measurements in an enterprise store, on-premise or in a private cloud;
  • Standardize and integrate these measurements with heterogeneous data from other possible enterprise sources;
  • Visualize, drill down and analyze the resulting information. Discover trends and patterns across all time horizons; and
  • Set business alerts and optionally define automated actions to prevent or correct inadequate situations.
Smart Factory: Industrial IoT in Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

Application Domains

Supported application domains include:

  • Manufacturing, which typically deploys a rich variety and a relatively large number of networked sensors. Industry 4.0 smart factory applications include manufacturing equipment management, predictive maintenance, health and safety management, measurements and statistical evaluations, automated controls and plant optimization.
  • Transportation, where applications can include logistic and fleet management, predictive maintenance, infrastructure monitoring and control, and transport safety and risk. For example, Metriot™ provides a special hardware device that can be easily installed on wheeled, tracked and railed vehicles—including cars, buses, trucks, tractors, etc.—and that enables on-demand geographical position, vehicle performance and diagnostic monitoring and analysis.
  • Utility and Energy Management, where data on consumption can be automatically collected with the purpose of optimizing efficiency, economics, reliability and sustainability.
  • Environmental Monitoring of factors such as weather and atmospheric conditions, air and water quality, soil conditions and chemical concentration levels.

We can help you achieve an easy, fast and effective digital transformation into the industry 4.0 era right now. Contact us today to book a live demo and start creating new opportunities. You'll be glad you did!


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