Enterprise Business Performance Management (EPM/CPM)

Enterprise Performance Management

Many organizations have the ability to visualize performance in very specific business areas, using predefined measures and reporting features of point enterprise applications such as ERP or CRM. Often, such reports are combined or sliced and diced into spreadsheets, along with other manually collected and compiled data, and presented as a performance dashboard to higher levels of management.

Organizations typically lack the ability to easily adapt/customize and automatically integrate performance metrics at higher levels across all enterprise systems and other structured and unstructured data sources, including ERP, CRM, other applications, data warehouses, database repositories, files, spreadsheets, web services, IT infrastructure, etc. Moreover, the information they collect represents after the fact point performance results that does not clearly indicate what needs to happen to improve performance. In reality, performance measures are often mistakenly considered key performance indicators or KPI's. And frequently, many complex, large and costly Business Intelligence (BI) projects have ended with a disappointment either from project failure or from the inability to influence organizational performance through project results.

IT Pyramid: EPM/CPM, Analytics, BI and Reporting

The IT Pyramid: EPM/CPM, Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting

Performance Analysis

The efficient and effective business performance management solution should consider organizational vision and strategy, success factors and their inter-relationships, and the different types of applicable performance measures including key performance indicators (KPI's) and how they influence performance. It should also establish the right reporting framework to ensure such critical information is collected and delivered to the right people at the right time.

The efficient and effective business performance management solution should also allow for seamless collection and integration of metrics from all types of enterprise data assets and in real-time when necessary, as well as easy customization to support not only current, but also future requirements without the need for programming or costly business intelligence (BI) projects. The ability to automatically launch actions to prevent or correct inadequate performance is also an important complement to the solution.

Continuous Performance Improvement - Metrics, Indicators, KPI's and Strategy

Relationship between metrics, performance indicators, KPI's and enterprise strategy

Such an insightful and holistic solution is critical for senior management officials to analyze and influence performance, correlate or aggregate organizational activities, and oversee the health of all business processes in one single set of executive-level dashboards and scorecards.

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